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Professional pizza ovens

The selection of Valoriani pizza ovens

Professional pizza ovens

Valoriani professional pizzeria ovens represent a perfect choice for those who want high-value equipment for preparing pizzas.

quality without compromises

A long tradition made of passion, competence and innovation is the basis of the proposal of professional pizza ovens: different models and types to meet all the needs of an increasingly stratified clientele. The rigid production standards give birth to high-performance pizzeria ovens with refractory floors capable of evenly distributing heat and guaranteeing excellent performance.

Valoriani ovens are available with wood, gas or electric power to allow pizza makers to adapt to different types of cooking and preparation. An elegant and functional design, the possibility of customizing the dome using mosaic or fiberglass, clean and modern lines that integrate well into any environment. Valoriani professional ovens are dedicated to both small pizzerias and large chains, the common factor is absolute quality, without compromises.

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