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Domestic pizza oven – Valoriani quality and tradition – Domestic pizza oven

A story of passion and tradition

Professional ovens for pizzeria

Valoriani is a story of quality and value that leads to the birth of professional ovens for pizzeria.

a family-run furnace

in the fifth generation

Valoriani is a family-run furnace now in its fifth generation. With more than 130 years of experience behind it, has roots dating as far back as to 1890, in the Florentine area of Figline Valdarno. Here Pietro Valoriani establishes a factory for the production of vases, jars and refractory cotto bricks.

Gino Valoriani

renaissance of Italy

Valoriani Pizza Ovens Valoriani Pizza Ovens

Following the discovery of an excellent refractory clay quarry, Gino Valoriani, grandfather of the current owner Massimo Valoriani, decided to relocate the furnace to Reggello, where the headquarters of Refrattari Valoriani is located to this day.
Around 1940, the demand for bread ovens begins in wheat growing areas, such as lower Lazio and Puglia. In that period, Valoriani was at the forefront of contributing to the rebirth of Italy, supplying its refractory bricks to communities for the artisanal construction of ovens.


"Why don't we build our own ovens, to avoid external structural issues?"

Valoriani Pizza Ovens Valoriani Pizza Ovens

The fundamental turning point comes when Silvio Valoriani, Gino’s son, has an intuition that will mark the future growth of the company: “Why don’t we build our own ovens, to avoid external structural problems?” This is when Silvio designed the first prefabricated wood-fired oven, with 4 interlocking dome sections.
Taking advantage of the family’s long experience in the sourcing and manipulation of raw materials, he designed a self-supporting dome in sections, using the same traditional materials in the same proportions, increasing stability, speeding up and simplifying the process of assembling an oven. This intuition implemented with great creativity in the period of greatest economic boom for Italy, led to the birth of the current home and professional pizzeria ovens.