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Homemade pizza oven – Valoriani quality and tradition – Domestic pizza oven

pizzerias and restaurants all over the world

Valoriani pizza ovens

The Valoriani pizza oven is the best choice for obtaining uniform and perfect cooking in every detail. Thanks to 130 years of experience in the refractory sector, we produce ovens of the highest quality for professional and domestic use.



A Valoriani pizza oven is an example of quality born in the tradition of great Italian craftsmanship, created with great attention to detail and careful research of raw materials.

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Italian craftsmanship

Valoriani Pizza Ovens Valoriani Pizza Ovens

The expansion of Valoriani pizza ovens does not stop here because every day there is a new market to explore. A brand that makes Italians feel at home with its abundance of history and tradition of the Bel Paese.

One of the main strengths, a unique characteristic, is being a furnace, and, as well the only company to internally produce all the refractory components of the oven, specifically the baking floor. The refractory floor of the Valoriani ovens is produced from selecting the best raw materials in Europe and a detailed study for the creation of a specific cooking surfaces for each type of pizza. There is a distinction made between the refractory floor for Classic pizza, Neapolitan pizza and bread.


Valoriani ovens are easily recognizable thanks to the iconic V. Its presence in homes, pizzerias and restaurants all over the world, has become a distinctive symbol of quality. From Sydney to New York, from London to San Francisco, from Berlin to Tokyo, there are tens of thousands of ovens delivered, of various models and sizes.

Valoriani Pizza Ovens Valoriani Pizza Ovens

The sections are dry pressed and fired in the company ovens at over 1300 °C for approximately 16 hours. This produces a product specifically designed for use in pizza ovens, therefore not having to adapt to what is on the market.
Passion, love, competence and ability to experiment: these are the successful characteristics of professional and domestic pizza ovens that make the Valoriani brand recognizable even abroad. An entrepreneurial solidity that combines the past and future, innovation and novelty, craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. The quality of the raw materials, a complete Italian design, excellent performance and elegant design have accompanied Valoriani ovens throughout the world for over a century.