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where quality comes from


Refrattari Valoriani is located in Via Caselli alla Fornace, 213, in Reggello, in the municipality of Florence.
Here in the pleasant setting of the most authentic Tuscany, the most famous pizza ovens in the world are born.

for over a century

Made in Italy

Inside our furnace, work continues that began more than a century ago, carried out over the years by the Valoriani family united by the same goal: to create something unique and distinctive that would become a symbol of Made in Italy in the world.

Oven design

production of refractory stones

The design of the oven domes, the production of refractory floors, the study of the insulating characteristics, the creation of cutting-edge components to make our products perform to the best of their abilities: Valoriani is a family story that also becomes yours.

We are waiting for you at the Florentine headquarters to let you touch the raw materials we use first-hand. Here you will observe the ovens in every phase of their construction and above all, you will be able to experience them directly, putting yourself to the test as pizza chefs.
The best way to discover all the qualities of our ovens is to use them, our collaboration could start with a tasty slice of pizza!