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Trailer SG - Valoriani quality and tradition - Trailer SG

A lightweight and versatile solution

Trailer SG

The TRAILER SG, created in collaboration with the well-known pizza chef Giovanni Santarpia, is a light and versatile solution that does not require a special license.

Your portable oven

Valoriani innovation

The Trailer SG features a Valoriani floor in refractory cotto, a steel dome for quickly reaching high cooking temperatures, high-performance insulation, shock absorbers and an external coating in painted metal.

Models Trailer SG

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Trailer SG
Power supply type
Inside dimensions:
Outside dimensions:
Front Opening:
Total weight:
Flue Manifold:
Pizza Capacity:

A gas oven with two manual burners, supplied complete with 1 m of tube and rain cap. The trailer is designed for the insertion of structures to support a possible covering and has compartments for storing equipment and ingredients. The steel platform becomes a useful surface for rolling out and processing pizza.

If you already have a mobile unit, you can only purchase the oven with silent blocks.

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